More concerts and our January 2021 newsletter

After a short holiday break, we are continuing our concert season with more virtual concerts and events, starting today, January 24th, with the performance by Natasia Preys that won first place in a national competition.  Today we also released our January 2021 newsletter with a lot of important updates regarding the concert season, Piano Festival, 2021 student awards, and more.

As I previously noted, we are excited about our new approach for bringing music to our community — streaming concerts online. It not only allows us to reach new audiences beyond our usual venues, but also to include performances by former club artists who no longer live in the area.

Each week, always on Sunday, we will continue to add a video from another performer. These videos will remain available on the website so you can choose a convenient time to view them. We hope you are enjoying our virtual concerts, but we look forward to the time that we can resume our in-person events — hopefully soon!



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