2012 Rising Stars Scholarships Announced

DGMC is proud to announce the winners of six Rising Stars Scholarships.

Throughout its long history, the Downers Grove Music Club has carried on the tradition of a commitment to music education and to the promotion of excellence in the musical arts.  As part of this tradition, DGMC awards annual music scholarships to local deserving high school juniors with the intention that these scholarships shall be used to help them hone their craft and further their musical education.

The winners were announced at the 2012  Awards Assemblies held on May 1st at Downers Grove South (DGS) and on May 15th at Downers Grove North (DGN).

Rising Stars Scholarships

Katie Kraine, violin      DGN
Brett Latman, trumpet      DGN
Joseph R. Vitti, euphonium    DGN
Dan Leahy, tenor    DGS
Ian M. Williams, piano    DGS
Josiah Williams, trombone    DGS

to all six winners! We look forward to hearing our scholarship recipients at the DGMC Rising Stars program on April 2, 2013.



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