Month: October 2020

Concert series update

Dear DGMC Members and Friends,

I hope you are enjoying our Sunday “webconcert” programs. You can connect to our concerts from our DGMC website.  The most recent concert (Louise Kelly’s “What a Night, No Stars ) can be accessed from the homepage by scrolling down to UPCOMING EVENTS.  All available concerts can be accessed by clicking the See all concerts button under UPCOMING EVENTS, or by selecting Concerts & events from the top menu of our website. Or, better yet, when you’ve finished listening to the current video, simply scroll down and access all previous performances from there. …

Downers Grove Music Club is moving forward

The Downers Grove Music Club has a very long history here in Downers Grove – it was founded in 1927. Little by little we are approaching our hundredth-year anniversary. The club has always been focused on enriching the community with music through a variety of different means.

One is to bring music to the community. We do that mainly through our concert series each year, in collaboration with the library. The other side of what we do is supporting music education, which we have expanded over the years. …