New Webconcerts Announced

Our next two “webconcert” programs feature the piano trio of Jen Leckie (violin), Tim Archbold (cello), and Chris Garofalo (piano) performing the complete set of pieces in The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires, composed by Ástor Piazzolla.   I got to preview these videos – they are exquisite!

This Sunday, December 6th, they will perform “Autumn” and “Winter” from The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires.

On Sunday, December 13th, they will perform “Spring” and “Summer” from The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires.

Piazzolla originally composed these four Argentinian tangos as separate compositions and only occasionally performed them together as a suite.  When he did, he performed them in the order we are presenting – it reflects the order of the seasons in Argentina.

You can stream all of our concerts from our website .  The current weekly concert can always be accessed on the home page under UPCOMING EVENTS.  All prior concerts can be accessed by clicking the “See all concert events” button on the home page or by selecting the Concerts & Events webpage from the top menu.  Better yet, when you’ve finished listening to the current video, you can scroll down and access all previous virtual performances from there.

Best wishes for a safe, healthy and enjoyable holiday season!  And what better way to start than with The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires.

Musically yours,

Charlotte Ewing
VP of Artistic Development for the Downers Grove Music Club

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