Thank You

Many thanks to all the students that worked so hard (with much help from their parents and teachers) to make this such a wonderful recital.

We also thank the many people that worked behind the scenes to make this event possible, including the Event Planning Committee: Jaina Carpenter, Christine Paryl and Gloria Salazar, Festival & Competition and Recital Volunteers: Jane Brueggemann, Jaina Carpenter, Darlene Crilly, Charlotte Ewing, Tom Ewing and Glen Osness, 2020-2022 Repertoire Committee: Donna Kovarik, Glen Osness, Christine Paryl and Gloria Salazar, Event Supporters: The Family of Beatrice L. Chiswick and the Rotary Club of Downers Grove, Festival & Competition Judges: Michelle Russell – Level 1, Maryann Flock – Level 2, Terry Tennes – Level 3A, Emi Murata – Level 3B, Nancy Madda – Levels 4 & 5, Lynette Zellis and Dr. Svetlana Belsky – Jr & Sr Competitions