Diana Kwak

"Faites-lui mes aveux" by Charles Gounod

Diana Kwak performs "Faites-lui mes aveux" by Charles Gounod

The opera Faust by Charles Gounod is about a man who makes a deal with a demon, but the aria "Faites-lui mes aveux" is rather lighthearted. In it, the lovesick Siebel picks flowers to give to the maiden Marguerite, convinced that the gift will show her how much he admires her. He speaks to the flowers of Marguerite's beauty - until he finds that they have wilted! Luckily for Siebel, a dash of holy water mends the flowers like new, and he is free to return to his happy thoughts as he leaves the flowers on Marguerite's doorstep. About Diana

Diana Kwak is a senior at Downers Grove South (DGS). She has been studying piano for twelve years and voice for six years. Some of her favorite high school music experiences include rehearsing with the Illinois Music Education Association All-State Honors Chorus under the direction of Dr. Kimberly Dunn Adams in 2019 and Dr. Jeremy Jones in 2020, as well as touring with her girls' choir, Spirito! Singers, where she is a student conductor. Diana aims to create vibrant rehearsal spaces as a choir director, and will major in music education. When not studying music, she enjoys volunteering for a kids' coding platform and serving with the Children of the American Revolution.

In the absence of the ability to work with a live accompanist, Diana used the program Appcompanist to accompany her performance. A global team of collaborative pianists works together to record the pieces found in Appcompanist's library.

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