"What a Night, No Stars"

Composed and sung by Louise Kelly

"What a Night, No Stars" by Louise Kelly

In August of this year, Louise released Two Gardens, a CD of original compositions celebrating the two paths of growth for parents and their children. Louise has shared this video recording from her album release show, originally aired on August 7, 2020. It was video recorded in her mom's backyard in Downers Grove among her native plants. We will also be sharing another song from the Two Gardens release show later in the DGMC concert series.

Performing with Louise, are cellist Dorothy Deen and violinist Kelly Jozwiak. Louise thanks both Dorothy and Kelly for their insight and tender-loving care with this arrangement and others featured in Two Gardens.

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from the 2020-2021 concert series
Debussy’s "Clair de lune," performed by Chris Garofalo

Five years ago, thanks to a bequest from the Estate of Donald and Mildred Drew, the DGMC donated a new Feurich Concert I grand piano to the Downers Grove Public Library. DGMC dedicated the new piano with a concert intended to show off the new instrument, and the first piece on that program was Debussy’s "Clair de lune," performed by Chris Garofalo. What a fitting way to kick off our our webconcert series!

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"Brighter" by Gabrielle Henderson

Back in high school, Gabby won 1st place in the Junior Competition of the DGMC Piano Festival & Competition, and subsequently she received a Rising Stars Award from DGMC. Last spring, she graduated from DePaul University with a BFA in Film and Television, and she has been doing a great deal of composing, performing and creating music. She has shared this video from a concert in December of 2019.

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"What a Night, No Stars" by Louise Kelly

In August of this year, Louise released Two Gardens, a CD of original compositions celebrating the two paths of growth for parents and their children. Louise has shared a video recording from her album release show. We will also be sharing another song from Two Gardens later in the DGMC concert series.

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"Anomalous Liquidity" by Dan Moroz

Chicago saxophonist, composer, and music educator Dan Moroz has a new composition that is a bit on the eerie side – perfect for Halloween. Dan notes he premiered this piece five days before we all went under lockdown due to COVID-19, and it evokes the unsettled feelings we all experienced during the early days of the pandemic.

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Spirito! Singers featuring the Ragazze and Bravura Ensembles

This performance showcases the talented Spirito! Ragazze (5th-8th grade girls) and Bravura (9th-12th grade young women) ensembles from the western Chicagoland area. It’s hard to assemble such a large group for one of our in-person concerts, but now we can share this clip from a Comcast recording of a concert that was shown on an Elmhurst local access station.

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Sarah Flanagan, performing Chopin’s Polonaise in C Sharp Minor and Nocturne in B Major

It’s so good to hear from our former DGMC member who moved to Kentucky 4 years ago. Sarah is playing for Ballardsville Baptist Church and also taking on a few students after a 5 year break from teaching. She’s kept her studio small to homeschool her oldest, Wesley, who she also teaches piano. Here, Sarah performs two popular Chopin pieces, Polonaise in C sharp minor and Nocturne in B major.

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"The Korbitz family, performing Duo No. 2 for Violin and Guitar by Carulli, and "Hercules" for Soprano and Violin by Hovhaness

What a treat to hear violinist Amelia Korbitz, who won both a Rising Star and College Music Award, as she plays two selections – Ferdinando Carulli's Duo No. 2 with her father, Ron Korbitz, and Alan Hovhaness' "Hercules" with her mother, Angela Presutti Korbitz. These selections were recorded as part of a benefit concert by the Korbitz family to aid musicians who lost substantial work due to Covid-19.

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Chris Garofalo performing two piano pieces by Japanese composers

This performance features a pair of short piano pieces by contemporary Japanese composers. The first piece, “Ondo no Funauta” written in 1964 by Hajime Okumura, has the form of a traditional Japanese folk melody. By contrast, the second piece, “To a Disappeared Pleiad” (1997), was written by Takashi Yoshimatsu who composes in the Western classical style.

Student Music Awards Benefit Video Concert

The Fall Benefit Concert is the first of two fundraising events we hold each concert season. 100% of the proceeds raised by this event are used to fund the Rising Star and College Music Awards, which are given each year to talented local high school music students.

This program showcases the music artistry of Chris Garofalo (piano), Dan Moroz (saxophone), Eric Pidluski (violin), and Ethan Weingust (piano) performing works by DeBussy, J.S. Bach, Beethoven, and Handel. Past student award winners also make cameo appearances. We hope this event will inspire you to make a generous donation in support of student music education. PROGRAM

Piazzolla's Four Seasons - Autumn & Winter

The Four Seasons of Buenos Aires are a set of four tango movements composed between 1965–1970 by Ástor Piazzolla in response to Vivaldi's popular Four Seasons. Piazzolla originally conceived the movements as separate compositions rather than a suite, although Piazzolla performed them together from time to time. Piazzolla specified the order of the Four Seasons to be: Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer, which was different from Vivaldi's order.

In this program, Jen Leckie (violin), Tim Archbold (cello), and Chris Garofalo (piano) perform the Autumn and Winter movements. Next week's streamed concert will conclude the set with the Spring and Summer pieces.

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Piazzolla's Four Seasons - Spring & Summer

Our concert series continues with Ástor Piazzolla’s Four Seasons, a set of four Argentinian tango movements meant to invoke impressions of the seasons in Buenos Aires. Piazzolla composed and played them as separate works — only performing them as a suite on occasion. As noted in last week's concert notes, Piazzolla composed the works in response to Vivaldi's very popular Four Seasons. In deference to Vivaldi, Piazzolla ordered his pieces in the reverse of Vivaldi's seasons, reflecting the inversion of seasons in the southern hemisphere.

Jen Leckie (violin), Tim Archbold (cello), and Chris Garofalo (piano) perform Vivaldi's Spring and Summer.

"Chris Garofalo performing Christmas Time Is Here

Christmas Time Is Here is a popular Christmas song written by Vince Guaraldi for the 1965 TV special A Charlie Brown Christmas. It quickly became a hit and has become a holiday staple known and loved everywhere.

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