College Music Awards

$1,000 Awards for Seniors

In the spring of , the Downers Grove Music Club will present a $1,000 College Music Award to at least one student enrolled in Band, Choir or Orchestra in District 99. Award recipients will be selected based on the merit of their musical accomplishments, as described on the application form, and the quality of the musical performance provided on the video recording portion of the application. The goal of these awards is to recognize and reward those students who have worked very hard in their musical pursuits and have achieved a high level of accomplishment as a musician.

Here are the most recent and past recipients of the DGMC Music Awards.

Who is Eligible?

Any District 99 high school band, choir or orchestra senior, who will be graduating during the - academic year and who will be attending college in the fall, is eligible to apply.

How Can I Apply?

Use the online form below to apply. Applications must be submitted with a performance recording by April 1, . Award recipients will be chosen only from among the applications received by the deadline date.

All entries must be submitted by the deadline date of April 1, to be eligible for review.

Questions should be sent to:

Our Generous Donors

DGMC would like to thank all the attendees and donors of our fundraisers for their support which provided the funds for our College Music Awards.