Piano Festival and Competition

2023 Piano Festival & Competition

February 1, 2023:
Registration Closed
March 5, 2023
Festival and Competition
Community United Methodist Church, Naperville
March 12, 2023
Honors Recital
First United Methodist Church, DG
April 4, 2023
Rising Stars Concert
First United Methodist Church, DG

A big thanks to all the students, teachers, judges and organizers who made the 2023 Piano Festival & Competition held on March 5th a wonderful success. It was a great event, and we are very proud of all the students who participated and look forward to seeing you at 2024 Piano Festival & Competition! We also wish to congratulate the cash award winners of the 2023 Competition, as well as the students selected to participate in the Honors Recital on March 12, 2023.

The following is provided for planning purposes for next year's Piano Festival & Competition

Piano Festival & Competition in-person (local) participation
Students participating in the Piano Festival and Competition will perform live for a judge (two judges at the competition levels), two memorized selections chosen from the required 2023 — 2025 repertoire list. The judges will provide feedback for each student with suggestions for an even better performance to help further develop their musical skills. The highest achieving students at each level will be invited to perform on the Honors Recital. The top scoring student at each Festival Level will receive a trophy. The top scoring students at the Competition levels will receive a cash award. The teachers work with each student to determine the appropriate level of participation in one of the five Festival Levels or either of the two Competition Levels, based on the demands of the required repertoire at each level. Participating students may be any age up through their senior year in high school.

For information purposes, here are the Entry Requirements for local, in-person participants and the List of Required Compositions used for the 2023 Piano Festival & Competition. The list of required compositions will continue in effect for future competitions through 2025.

Remote participation (out-of-area students only)
Given past successes, we will continue to serve those teachers who give online lessons to out-of-area students. These students may be entered in any of the FIVE Festival Levels or the TWO Competition Levels. A professional judge (two judges at the competition level) will evaluate the video entries. Based on recommendation of the judge(s), those students that submit an excellent performance will be recommended to perform (virtually) at the Honors Recital. For information purposes, please refer to the complete entry requirements for remote participants for more information.

Selections for the video submissions must again be chosen from the required repertoire list. The deadline for applications for remote participants is also February 1st; however, video submissions are due by 11:59 PM on the last Sunday in February. As noted, this option applies only to out-of-area students who receive online lessons.

Questions should be e-mailed to pianofest@downersgrovemusicclub.org.